Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Driving Experience More Comfortable and Quiet

The holiday season soon. Precisely New Year holiday season. For me, this is where most awaited day for family fun. Usually my family and I will be on vacation with the family car. Driving with your own car is more fun when compared to travel agents participate. Of course, we often do just vacation in the island of Java and Bali. For the holiday season, we chose a vacation to Bali and enjoy the beauty of the island of the gods were so amazing it was, whether holiday tomorrow where else.

Vacation to Bali using the family car with excellent car would require regular maintenance. Condition good car, good engine and other parts will add comfortable and at ease while using it. Fortunately I use as a lubricant Shell HELIX engine family car. Shell HELIX provide better protection because it can prevent the formation and egress, dirt in the engine parts. So do not be surprised if in the comfort of the car is very pronounced because the machine has been very well maintained with the help of HELIX Shell's oil. In their lifetimes, our family never had a problem on our car engine after using Shell HELIX.

Highly prime car on the way though hundreds of miles journey we have traveled. Because with Shell HELIX, a cleaner engine and will affect the performance would be better in the absence of accumulation of dirt in the gap the smallest part on the car. Yes, clean of dirt in the crevices of Shell HELIX engine because it contains materials that can keep it clean. Imagine if the gap between machine components are dirt. Although small but if accumulated in a long time period, it will interfere with the performance of the engine and result in frequent strikes and engine life will be shorter. Our trip was very enjoyable because there is no interference in car engines and we also enjoy traveling with a cheerful time.

For matters of fuel, I think is more efficient after using this lubricant. Because Shell HELIX role maintaining a fixed maximum engine performance so that fuel efficiency become more awake and certainly more efficient. Most makes wonder, in cold conditions and a bit hasty download starter car, I can download the engine starter car and it is very easy. First before using Shell HELIX, every morning I often encounter obstacles to the affairs of men-car starter though only intend to heat up the engine. Shell HELIX very telling indeed, the formula contains, all dealings in the engine lubrication to successfully handle treatment.

Car prime, healthy engine powered, and fuel economy, which is the excess that I can after use Shell lubricants HELIX. There is one more thing to miss, longer lasting lubrication for piston, piston rings and cylinder walls protected and working properly, the consequences do not need to frequently add engine oil (top up). More fuel efficient, more cost-efficient because it can be in the range of replacement lubricant for longer and longer engine life because the engine is always clean from the advantages that I can use Shell HELIX.

For matters of pride, no special experience when using the family car to use Shell lubricants HELIX. At the time I was driving because the engine is primed with the help of Shell HELIX I feel like the best car in the world and the pride of emotionally appeared at that time. Truly remarkable experience. Also added a quieter driving experience and more comfortable, more confident just as residents move to break the other way. You could say whatever our cars, if using as a lubricant Shell Helix engine, we will feel like driving a world class Super cars. Again really an honor when I drive on the streets. Try it, use Shell Helix engine for your car and enjoy the way I feel pride.

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